This 43 week hairstyling program at the best hairdressing school in Torontowill consist of both theory and practical training. Students will learn all the fundamentals of hairstyling from our skilled and qualified instructors. A Variety of hairstyling instructional methods “>at the best hairdressing school in Torontoare used including: lectures, frequent reviews, testing, industry representatives as guest speakers, videos, overheads and practical demonstrations.

Admission Requirements

Section 19 of Regulation 415/06 specifics the minimum admission requirements for private career college programs: An Ontario Secondary school Diploma or equivalent or mature student ( at least 18 years of age ).


Wella Silver Head 2015

Ethics, Regulation and Policy (15 Hrs Theory)

This portion outlines the history and growth of the cosmetology industry. All career opportunities are discussed in detail. The importance of professional image, ethics, body language and physical presentation are discussed and demonstrated on a daily basis.

Health and Safety (60 Hrs)

Topics such as basic hand washing procedures to disinfection, sterilization techniques and the handling of bio hazard materials will be covered. A basic knowledge of bacteria, infection and how it is spread is presented.

Entrepreneurial Skills (90 Hrs Theory)

All important aspects of building a successful salon business is outlined in this module. Students are required to develop a business plan including set-up costs, physical layout and a profit and loss statement. The students will learn the importance of up-selling services and retailing. This will be based on understanding the client’s needs. Client retention, building a clientele and tracking your success are also discussed.

Professional Development (15 Hrs Theory)

Elements of how to create a long lasting career in the hair industry. You will learn how to continually grow as a professional in the salon industry.

Client Service (30 Hrs)

In the module you will learn the key elements required to deliver a level of service that will have your clients coming back again and again.

Preparatory Procedures and Treatment (90 Hrs)

This module will give students a greater understanding of pre-service analysis of client’s hair and scalp.   Students will have the ability to select products and apply treatments to hair and scalp based on and recognizing scalp conditions and disorders.

Haircutting (255 Hrs)

In this module each student will learn how to perform the basic hair cuts, understand the importance of lines and angles and different cutting techniques.

Hairstyling (255 Hrs)

In this module students will gain a better understanding of hairstyling techniques, braiding, wig consultation, coloring and cutting wigs and hair extensions.

Permanent Wave Hair (165 Hrs)

In this section students are provided the essential foundations for permanently waving hair. A thorough examination of perm products and an understanding of hair properties will allow students to successfully complete a variety or permanent waving techniques.

Chemically Relax Hair (120 Hrs)

In this module students will learn to chemically relax hair by selecting and applying relevant knowledge of, and skills with, chemical products. In depth analysis on hair structure and chemical components will aid in the successful completion of a variety of chemical relaxing techniques.

Haircolouring & Lightening (330 Hrs)

In this module students will learn the basics of colour, colour products and colour principles while gaining an understanding of the physical and chemical affects colour produces on the hair. Students will further enhance their abilities with colour by learning and applying a variety of general and advanced application techniques. As the module develops, students will confidently be able to achieve a wide variety of modern colour techniques and will be able to perform colour correction services.

Hair Additions (75 Hrs)

Students will learn the basic foundation of wig and extension application techniques. As a growing section of the industry, students will learn how and when to properly apply hair additions in order to fully service the demands of the client.

Training Overview – A little more detail

  • Your professional image
  • Bacteriology
  • Decontamination and infection control
  • Properties of the hair and scalp
  • Draping
  • Shampooing, rinsing, conditioning and reconstructions
  • Haircutting
  • Finger waving
  • Wet Hairstyling
  • Thermal hairstyling
  • Permanent waving
  • Hair coloring
  • Chemical wave relaxing, soft curl permanent wave
  • Thermal hair pressing
  • Artistry of artificial hair
  • Chemistry
  • Cells , Anatomy and Physiology
  • Salon Business


In addition to theory, all students receive “hands-on” practice in each of the following areas:

  • Technique of Shampooing
  • Application of products
  • Pincurls, finger waving, pin curl patterns, shampooing and molding hair into creative patterns


  • Interior form/ exterior form
  • Chip cutting
  • Scissor over comb
  • Skill cutting with razors
  • Precision cutting with razors
  • Point cutting
  • Clipper cutting
  • Technique of thinning shears, alpha blades.


  • Short hair wrap technique
  • heavy weave wrap
  • Alternating shift wrap
  • Variable insertion wrap
  • Long hair techniques
  • Perpendicular
  • Clash wrap
  • Spiral
  • Stack
  • Double rod wrap
  • Directional wrapping
  • Combination techniques


  • Techniques of basic colour application
  • Techniques of fashion colour application
  • Stripper comb techniques


  • Foiling, hand painting
  • Weave design technique
  • Tri colour silhouette


  • Blow drying technique
  • Skill with curling irons
  • Hair srunching


  • Basic roller placement
  • Advanced roller placement
  • Comb out techniques


  Tuition $9100.00

After reviewing applications, selected candidates “>for the best hairdressing school in Burlingtonwill be required to attend an interview. (A non- refundable deposit of $150.00 must be submitted upon registration. This deposit is deducted from your tuition costs)

  Kit/Textbook $1300.00 (Effective October 2015)

This kit contains the textbook and tools you will need to complete the hairdressing course“>at the best hairdressing school in Burlington, and includes :

  • Standard textbooks
  • 3 Mannequins
  • 1 carry all kit which contains necessary combs, brushes, diffuser, clips, 2 pairs of scissors, feather razor texturizer, curling iron, cape, clippers and more.

NOTE: All items in the study/ practice kit becomes the personal property of the students therefore, the student will take these articles with them upon completion of the course


In addition to the theory and practical training outlined in the proceeding pages, ( as part of its regular curriculum) also offer training in a number of other areas we feel are important to producing stylists that are able to compete for jobs in a modern salon environment, such as;

  • Referrals and customer service
  • Computer imaging
  • Discovery and consultation
  • Elements of design
  • Retail and professional products




In addition to the hours of theory and practical, each student is required to complete a minimum 120 hours of experience in one of our licensed salons. (This experience is evaluated by the participating salon)

These consist of opportunities to attend professional Hair Shows, special presentations by representatives from leading industry product suppliers, field trips to various salons, the association offices. etc.

There are two major examinations (Practical and Written ):

  • Midterm Exam
  • Final Exam

NOTE: to become a licensed Hairstylist, students must write the appropriate exam for their province or state.


All student are required to dress in black professional attire.


This course takes approximately 10 1/2 months to complete. Applications should be in no later than 30 days in advance. Applications are processed on a ” first in” Basis, so be certain we receive your completed application form as soon as possible